I have searched high and low for an excellent inkjet paper for offset press proofing. Most inkjet papers are designed for maximum gamut and black Dmax rendering. In comparison to what we typically see on press these papers have a much brighter white, a much larger color gamut and a higher, richer, darker DMax. What’s worse is that these papers don’t feel like offset stock and are typically too glossy or too matte.

Making inkjet paper specifically for offset proofing is a speciality process. Epson’s Semimatte Commercial Proofing paper is disappointingly yellow in comparison to most offset paper stocks used today that contain a modest amount of optical brighteners. There is a relatively new generation of very similar proofing papers from EFI, GMG, MidStates Graphics and a few others that look nearly identical to common coated offset stocks. I’ve tested and compared these papers side by side on a variety of printers and have decided that MidStates Graphics ProofLine Press White 195gsm is the paper best suited for my clients. It is available in all common sizes and appropriate for photographers, designers, ad agencies and print shops. Over the past 16 months I’ve seen a lot of agencies andprint shops make the switch and they are very happy with it.

I am shocked at the generally poor quality of proofs made today and am encouraging all of my clients to invest in this paper for their proofing needs. This paper isn’t yet available through any online resellers or any retail outlets. ProofLine papers are traditionally only sold through the distribution channels that print shops get their supplies from. So that all of my clients can easily get their hands on this paper, I’ve arranged for a distributor to sell this paper direct to Onsight clients at a 10%-20% discount. I have created custom pricing and order form PDFs that my clients should use when placing these orders. They are great to deal with and very prompt. I want to be that clear that Onsight is not selling this paper (we don’t sell products) we are simply trying to make it easier for our clients to order it from the distributer.

Download the ProofLine Pricing PDF
Download the ProofLine Order Form PDF

I think you’ll find this paper can significantly enhance the quality of your proofs. As always I am available to show you print samples or to calibrate this paper on your own printer. Let me know if we can help.

[this article originally appeared in Newsletter #20 June 2007]