Onsight loves to empower people...

…with the best tools, techniques and knowledge so that they can make exceptional work with greater efficiency. We are familiar with how beneficial it can be to have an outsider come into a big shop and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses from an objective perspective. For those that like to stay ahead of your competition and the technology learning curve, Onsight is the premier one-on-one training service.


Onsight was created by Scott Martin who has been working with digital imaging since the 1980s, originally as a drum scan operator. His consulting and training experience with a variety of imaging professionals gives him an unusually balanced perspective on the digital imaging industry as a whole. With full-time devotion to on-location consulting since the 1990s, his experience with a wide variety of imaging equipment, printers, papers, lighting and applications is unsurpassed.

Scott provides expert onsite calibration and profiling services, RIP and workflow training for shops utilizing the latest large format solvent, latex, dye sublimation, and UV curable printers. He also provides exceptional cultural heritage artwork documentation work, having developed some of the latest techniques himself. He is privileged to work with some of the finest printmakers, designers, art collectors, galleries, and art fulfillment shops on the planet.

Scott’s devotion to technology begins with a passion for art. He is an artist-photographer whose work has been exhibited and collected. He is passionate about working with images, and brings a printmaker’s approach to making them look their best. Scott calls central Texas home with his wife and daughters. You’ll find Scott to be professional, patient and efficient to work with. Email scott@on-sight.com to discuss scheduling a session.


Onsite training is what we do 5+ days a week. We do not take incoming phone calls, so that we can fully support clients when onsite. Contact via email is a must, although we’re happy to schedule a pre-visit phone call or billable phone support sessions when needed. Please expect a ~2 day wait for phone appointments and ~1-4 weeks for onsite appointments.

When you email, please describe your situation elaborating on all of the details. List the equipment and software you are using. Although we try to return all emails within 24 hours it can take a little longer to return some messages that require thoughtful responses. Thanks for your patience – we do enjoy hearing from and responding to everyone.

Scott Martin