We combine our expertise with the latest equipment and techniques to create ultra high resolution, highly detailed, and colorimetricially accurate art documentation

We offer a comprehensive digital cultural heritage preservation service. We have assembled a team of preparators, curators, database and imaging science experts and that allow us to provide a turn key service for art collectors, museums and libraries. Utilizing the very latest 16 bit, 400 megapixel large format cameras with incredible optics, lighting and polarization, we create massive files of artwork that are stunning to view zoomed in, revealing detail that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Our process meets and exceeds that of the FADGI 4 guidelines. While we can easily transport artwork to our warehouse for storage and documentation, we also have the unique ability to break down and bring our state-of-the-art studio to your collection, wherever in the world it may be. 

Our team has an established workflow that is fast and efficient. Being able to capture whole artwork instantly at 400 megapixels  allows us to work quickly and therefore cost effectively. Not only are the results of unusually high quality, the costs are surprisingly affordable.  If you have a collection of work that you’d like documented, and entered into a modern, cloud based database, please let us know if we can help. We also offer training and consulting for those performing their own documentation. For those that seek perfect color reproductions have have some techniques that take the guesswork out of the process.

Cultural heritage photography is important. The technology and techniques have improved so much in just the last 2 years that we are excited to help art professionals modernize their process in any way we can. 

We help professionals modernize their cultural heritage art repro documentation processes. Here are some common training topics:

1. Four point lighting setup for perfectly even illumination without reflections

2. Polarization design and practices for perfect reproduction of wood, metallics and textured surfaces without spectral highlights

3. Linear camera RAW profiling colorimetricially accurate reproduction within 3∆E or less

4. Stitching technique for RAW gigapixel imaging

5. Usage of color reference tools like the Reality Checker and ISA object level targets

6. FAGDI standards compliance and procedures

7. Studio design and equipment suggestions

8. Media Compensation Curve generation for perfect print reproductions

We would love to talk with you more about Cultural Heritage Artwork Documentation.

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