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Mastering the Night: Death Valley

March 2-4, 2013 in Death Valley, CA
optional Lightroom class on March 1st
with Scott Martin and Lance Keimig

Death Valley by Scott Martin

Lance Keimig and I invite you to join us in Death Valley in March. We’re shaking things up for this workshop and doing several things diffrrently than we normally do. Unlike our usual Full Moon Night Photography workshops, this one will take place in the waning stage of the lunar cycle which will offer us some dark skies full of stars. I’ve come to love this time of night after the sun has gone down and before the moon comes up. It will be a great chance to rely upon light painting and make some ‘galactic sky’ images. We are also going to some unusual and remote locations in the park that most workshops don’t get to.

There will also be lots of opportunities for light drawing as well as light painting. Adding add to these scenes will be an important process towards getting a satifiying image. This intensive workshop is intended for photographers with a (more…)

Workshops for University Faculty

I just finished a private workshop in Marfa, TX with 15 faculty from the AT&T Learning Studio’s Faculty Enrichment program at ACU. Not only did the university photography instructors come, but also several designers, cinematographers and those working in modern “media” forms (eBooks, video, web, etc). I really loved the diversity of this group, and the workshop provided them a chance to get out of their comfort zone and apply their creativity in ways that was different from what they were used to. They were enthusiastic, open minded and energetic. We had a ball.

With photography changing so quickly, I especially enjoy opportunities to discuss the challenges this presents for higher education professionals. None of us can afford to stick to our old ways. There are just too many exciting changes and implications to stand still. Tools like Photoshop are last-decade technology while a new frontier of applications are emerging that better fit our workflows that are intertwined with high volumes of imagery and processes like time lapse and video.

Please let me know if you’d like to discuss the evolving medium of photography at your university.

Workflow Audit with Lightroom CC Training

I’ve spent over 20 years traveling internationally visiting with pros in their studios, reviewing their process and getting them started on the right foot with modern workflow procedures. Choosing software, training, calibrating equipment, lighting implementation, paper choice, print presentation, image critique and setting up one’s work environment are all a part of this process.


Smart workflows allow people to spend more time making images and less time at the computer. I encourage image-makers to reduce their dependency on Photoshop and rely more heavily on (more…)

Workshop: Precise Photography Workflow with Adobe Lightroom

February 16-18th, 2012, 10am – 4pm in Xalapa, Mexico
with Scott Martin

This 3 day workshop takes an intense look at optimizing photography workflows from capture-to-print using Adobe Lightroom. As a special treat, this workshop will be held at one of Mexico’s finest printmaking studios, Izote Editions.

Day 1 – Capture and organize
Optimizing exposure for RAW development
An overview of all RAW software available today
The story behind Lightroom and it’s direction
The DNG format and how to incorporate it into your workflow
File Management (several scenarios including transitioning between desktop and laptop)
Organizing your images and preparing for 100,000+ image libraries (more…)

Student Work: PhotoMuse Austin Workshop

I had the privilege of teaching an unusual photography workshop last week with two fantastic photographers I admire – Lynn Johnson and Penny De Los Santos. Our PhotoMuse workshop helps people find their inspiration and photographic eye through self-assigned photographic projects – finding their muse, if you will.

We push participants outside their comfort zones and encourage them to make work they’ve never made before, and more importantly, to engage in the process of making images differently and more fully. This can be difficult. Sometimes people say they don’t want to be pushed, but we push anyway. Some people have a hard time finding and starting their projects. Daily group critique is an important part of this process. This workshop had some challenging, teary moments including a ‘photographic intervention’ but amazing transformations happened by the end of the week. People had grown so much, were trusting their instincts and were intensely engaged in their process of making powerful imagery.

At the end of our weeklong workshop we had a big feast and watched a slide show of everyone’s best images. It was amazing. These are photographers working outside of their areas of expertise – experimenting with whole new styles and genres. Here’s a condensed version of their work:

“I’ve never been more exhausted and never felt more alive. I feel as if my awareness of the world has expanded, and I’ve become more sensitive to the light and moments around me. PhotoMuse changed my way of seeing and showed me how powerful photography can be in a very real and direct way.”
Danielle Tsi

We’re considering bringing this workshop to NYC, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and other locations. Let me know if you’re interested.

Full Moon Night Photography Workshop in Big Bend, Texas

October 9-12, 2011 in the Big Bend region of West Texas
with Lance Keimig and Scott Martin
Scott Martin and  Lance Keimig team up again to present a four day/night photography workshop in the Terlingua ghost town in the Big Bend region of West Texas. The Big Bend region is 300 miles away from the nearest city and feels every bit of it. It’s one of the country’s best kept secrets, full of history and pristine landscapes (more…)

The Nocturnes Night Photography Festival: Celebrating 20 Years

June 12-15 2011, Mono Lake, Calfornia
led by Lance Keimig, Tim Baskerville and Scott Martin
with guest speakers Troy Paiva, Tom Paiva, Joe Reifer, Russell Brown, Stu Jenks, and more
2011 marks the 20th anniversary of The Nocturnes, and we’re throwing a party at Mono Lake!
Wisp by Scott Martin
Onsight, The Night Skye, and The Nocturnes invite you to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Nocturnes together at Mono Lake in California’s Eastern Sierra this June. This year we’re organizing a special program with introductory and advanced level Night Photography workshops, an afternoon program of seminars with many Night Photography Luminaries including Troy and Tom Paiva, Susanne Friedrich, Stu Jenks, Joe Reifer, Gabriel Biderman, Andy Frazer, Dan Squires, and Al Hiltz. Adobe’s Russell Brown will be a special guest that will introduce some new image stacking software that he and Scott Martin have been working on. As always, there will be night photography at Mono Lake, Tioga Pass, and Bodie Ghost town (more…)

Night Photography Video

WalleyFilms just released a video that highlights our Night Photography workshop in West Texas.

It was really fun having Angela and Mark Walley out filming during our annual workshop in Big Bend, TX. They are super talented and do amazing work. Between the photographers and videographers the creative process was quite alive that week with image making all day and all night long. You can check out more about WalleyFilms at

As a long time still photographer, I’m pretty blown away with the power of video as a communication tool. As our DSLR cameras gain HD video capability I’m enjoying getting my feet wet. I think all photographers need to keep an eye on this medium and think about how we can embrace it and make it a part of our work. This is my first experience incorporating it into my own business and I’m looking forward to more exploration with it.