I’ve spent over 20 years traveling internationally visiting with pros in their studios, reviewing their process and getting them started on the right foot with modern workflow procedures. Choosing software, training, calibrating equipment, lighting implementation, paper choice, print presentation, image critique and setting up one’s work environment are all a part of this process.


Smart workflows allow people to spend more time making images and less time at the computer. I encourage image-makers to reduce their dependency on Photoshop and rely more heavily on parametric applications like Lightroom and Capture One for their workflow.

These private sessions are for professional photographers looking to perfect their process and image quality. If you’re upgrading to Lightroom CC and want to make sure your workflow is super smart and automated I’d love to help. Tethered capture, mobile integration with multiple devices, networking, optimizing image quality, optimizing efficiency, etc are all topics up of discussion. I help pros in their studios and also offer training sessions at my studio at a reduced rate. Email me for details.

Finesilver Pano