for intermediate and advanced printmakers and photographers
by appointment on location or in San Antonio, Texas

As an exhibiting artist I know the challenges involved with making creative images while simultaneously mastering the technical aspects of workflow, exquisite printmaking and the polish of final packaging. I strive for an even balance of these qualities in my own work, and I enjoy helping others achieve better equilibrium between inspiration and presentation. Sharing my passion for photographic excellence has been driving my training business for over 16 years now.

For 20 years, I’ve traveled the globe working with people in their own studios on their own equipment. This can be essential especially with printers that require custom calibration though a RIP.  In addition to on-location training I also offer private, one-one-one workshops in my printmaking studio. The range of printing equipment, papers, lighting, color management tools and atmosphere provides a training experience that I can’t quite bottle up and take with me to my client’s studios or location workshops.


The studio has Solux, daylight, incandescent and viewing booth light which allows visitors to compare prints under a variety of light sources and grasp the importance of high quality lighting. A range of the latest wide format aqueous printers, combined with a variety of papers and media to choose from allows us to produce gorgeous prints that participants can take home with them. Spectrophotometers, colorimeters, RIP software, refreshments, an espresso machine and amazing nearby restaurants are all window dressing for this experience.

These private sessions are for intermediate and advanced photographers looking to perfect their process and final product. It’s a great opportunity to work side-by-side on your own images, discussing every aspect of the process and leave with a beautiful print. Email me with your particular needs, thoughts and requirements and I’ll prepare a customized training session for you.

Finesilver Pano