Digital negatives for alternative printing processes: a new approach

I’m huge fan of the hand-crafted print, and spent a lot of the 90s making digital negatives on imagesetters, as well as studying various 19th century printing processes. It was 1992, I was slinging images in Photoshop 1, cranking out imagesetter negs after hours at my local service bureau and taking them into wet photographic darkrooms to pursue that unique, and ever-satisfying handmade print. A few years later, I interned at Dan Burkholder's studio and helped put together the first book on creating digital negatives for contact printing processes – a process that he deserves sole credit…

Full Moon Night Photography Workshop in Big Bend, Texas

October 9-12, 2011 in the Big Bend region of West Texas with Lance Keimig and Scott Martin Scott Martin and  Lance Keimig team up again to present a four day/night photography workshop in the Terlingua ghost town in the Big Bend region of West Texas. The Big Bend region is 300 miles away from the nearest city and feels every bit of it. It's one of the country's best kept secrets, full of history and pristine landscapes

The Nocturnes Night Photography Festival: Celebrating 20 Years

June 12-15 2011, Mono Lake, Calfornia led by Lance Keimig, Tim Baskerville and Scott Martin with guest speakers Troy Paiva, Tom Paiva, Joe Reifer, Russell Brown, Stu Jenks, and more 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of The Nocturnes, and we’re throwing a party at Mono Lake! Onsight, The Night Skye, and The Nocturnes invite you to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Nocturnes together at Mono Lake in California’s Eastern Sierra this June. This year we’re organizing a special program with introductory and advanced level Night Photography workshops, an afternoon program of seminars…

Luminaria Exhibition

If you're in San Antonio this weekend you won't to miss Luminaria - the citywide arts festival. Downtown goes nuts for this and Hemisfair park will be full of performances, music and exhibitions. It's a celebration of the city's artists and artwork be it visual, performance or literary. I have a few 3x5 foot prints up at the Instituto de Mexico in an exhibit curated by Kathy Armstrong at the Southwest School of Art.

Night Photography Video

WalleyFilms just released a video that highlights our Night Photography workshop in West Texas. It was really fun having Angela and Mark Walley out filming during our annual workshop in Big Bend, TX. They are super talented and do amazing work. Between the photographers and videographers the creative process was quite alive that week with image making all day and all night long. You can check out more about WalleyFilms at As a long time still photographer, I'm pretty blown away with the power of video as a communication tool. As our DSLR cameras gain HD video capability I'm…

Photoshop vs Lightroom and "Is it real?"

Q: "When I process a RAW file, I use the RAW image processor in Photoshop. I then save it as a TIFF file (and then to a JPEG for clients and stock agencies).  This already seems like so many steps. Why would I want to use Lightroom?" A: Photoshop wasn't designed to work with camera RAW files - it was designed to work with film scans. IMO, the Camera RAW plugin and Adobe Bridge represent an inelegant approach to modernizing an application based on 1980's technology. Lightroom is the new Photoshop written from the ground up with Camera RAW imaging in mind. It's a paradigm shift. With it, we…

Night Photography in San Antonio’s Southtown Neighborhood

Febrary 24th-25th, 5pm - midnight The Liberty Bar Restaurant 1111 South Alamo, San Antonio, Texas 78210led by Lance Keimig and Scott Martin This two night workshop is designed to be a quick introduction to the joys of making photographs at night. We will start with dinner and classroom instruction at 5pm in the fantastic new Liberty Bar Restaurant before heading out into San Antonio's vibrant "Southtown" neighborhood to make images. Participants can shoot side-by-side with the instructors or wander around to discover their own images. Expect Lance and Scott to give a few light painting…

Make images while we can

We get the paper version of the New York Times and enjoy their apps for the iPhone and iPad while traveling. Among other things, my wife and I have long obsessed over the "Modern Love" column in the styles section on Sundays. Today, the NYTimes is featuring an essay of Jenny's in that very column. It's a deeply personal piece that reminds us to appreciate what we have, and do what we can while we can. Whither on paper or on your device, please check it out.

Workshop Participant Work: Big Bend / Terlingua 2010

Last month's night photogrpahy workshop in the Big Bend / Terlingua area was exceptionally fun. There was a total of 17 of us there and we did some unusual things at this workshop. We rented out all the rooms in the Terlingua ghost town so we had the whole town to ourselves for a week. We met on the front porch of the old Perry Mansion each morning to import and develop images. We met in the 120 year old church every afternoon for critique and our afternoon lectures. We drove down dirt roads at night, went into an old mine shaft and got access to some neat areas on private property. Here is…

Workshop Participant Work: Mono Lake 2010

It's one thing to showcase my own work on this site but it's another to exhibit workshop participant's work. I feel like I've seen some great work from workshop students this past year and I'd like to start sharing that work. Here is some of the participant's work from our 2010 night photography workshop in the Eastern Sierras of California. More specifically, the images are from Olmsted Point in Yosemite, Bodie Ghost Town, and Mono Lake itself.