I just finished a private workshop in Marfa, TX with 15 faculty from the AT&T Learning Studio’s Faculty Enrichment program at ACU. Not only did the university photography instructors come, but also several designers, cinematographers and those working in modern “media” forms (eBooks, video, web, etc). I really loved the diversity of this group, and the workshop provided them a chance to get out of their comfort zone and apply their creativity in ways that was different from what they were used to. They were enthusiastic, open minded and energetic. We had a ball.

With photography changing so quickly, I especially enjoy opportunities to discuss the challenges this presents for higher education professionals. None of us can afford to stick to our old ways. There are just too many exciting changes and implications to stand still. Tools like Photoshop are last-decade technology while a new frontier of applications are emerging that better fit our workflows that are intertwined with high volumes of imagery and processes like time lapse and video.

Please let me know if you’d like to discuss the evolving medium of photography at your university.