Best Practices for Lightroom performance

It’s 2020. If you are a Lightroom user, now is a great time to take some steps to reevaluate and optimize your Lightroom catalog. Here are my 2020 LR performance tips: 01 When buying a new machine, get at least 32GB RAM. 32GB is the new minimum. 02 When buying a new machine, buy a big, fast Solid State Drive (SSD). Having 30-40% of that drive open ensures both its performance and longevity. Don’t run an SSD close to capacity. 03 SSDs have the single biggest impact on performance. Have your OS and Lightroom running on an SSD . 04 Keep your working files on an SSD. Archive older,…

30 years of Photoshop and counting

I just realized it's been 30 years since I first got my hands on a Photoshop beta in 1989 at MD Anderson's Imaging center in HTX. I never saved that beta but have kept every copy of Photoshop I've ever used since. Here's a screen grab from my application folder: Every copy of Photoshop since the betas They kinda screwed up the alphanumeric sequencing with CC but heck, I want to see what happens next.