October 22-24,2015, 10a-4p at Flatbed Press in Austin Texas
with Scott Martin and Byron Brauchli

Byron at Workshop

Scott Martin of Onsight and  Byron Brauchli of Izote Editions team up for 3 days of photopolymer gravure printmaking from calibrated digital positives. This is really two workshops in one as participants will learn how to make calibrated positives and negatives for any alt-photo printing process, and photopolymer gravure prints. It’s an opportunity to learn from two established craftsman and make gravure prints of your own images.

Participants will learn how to produce print-ready transparencies using common ink jet printers. Byron and Scott will instruct students on how to use a free and easy-to-use software to print, in one easy step, transparencies that will beautifully reproduce images in warm gravure blacks, cyanotype blues, or in other alt-processes. We’ll make custom ICC Profiles that will allow you to perfectly simulate your alt photo printing process on screen. Participants will create 1-2 plates and print a small edition. If time allows, more advanced printing techniques like chine collé or à la poupée will be covered.

Scott with Positives

Byron is traveling to Flatbed Press from Veracruz, Mexico, and we are very excited to offer this special workshop in conjunction with his upcoming exhibition Encrucijadas (Oct 23- Dec 5) at Flatbed.


Tuition for the workshop is $700 plus lodging and a few materials. Register for this workshop by emailing anna@flatbedpress.com and by paying with the button below (now closed).
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Flatbed Press
2832 East MLK Blvd 78702


This is going to be a really fun workshop where everyone goes home with some prints afterwards. Hopefully you can come early or stay late and visit some of our favorites places in Austin.  Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about this workshop.