I am excited to announce a schedule of photography workshops for 2009 on the new workshops page. Workshops include 4-5 day shooting workshops in Big Bend, Texas and Mono Lake, California and 1-3 day classroom workshops in an upscale setting (with exceptional food!) in downtown San Antonio. Other workshops are being planned around the country and overseas. Please note the addition of the new “workshops” button at the top of the site – this is a permanent place that can be used to browse and sign up for future workshops.

classroom on location

I will continue offering the one-on-one training for professionals that I’ve been doing for 17 years now, both on-location and at my own printmaking studio. Some topics are best learned in the classroom and in the field, while other topics are best learned via one-on-one training. By offering both group workshops and one-on-one training I can better serve my clients. Shooting workshops in the field are my favorite as they are a great creative outlet for everyone involved – including myself.

All of these workshops are sponsorship free with less than 20 participants. Without sponsorship we can focus on your needs without the sales bias and marketing push that is so common in workshops and seminars today. We’ll talk about the positive and negative aspects of all types of hardware, software, media, etc without allegiance to any particular brand.

on location classroom

Feel free to email me and let me know what topics you’d like to see covered in future workshops. I think that 2009 will be a big year for a majority of photographers to make the switch to Lightroom, and for existing Lightroom users to perfect and master their workflow. Because I feel so strongly about the importance of this transition I am including Lightroom in each and every one of these workshops. I hope you’ll join me! – Scott Martin