for printmaking professionals
Dye Sublimation, Solvent, Latex, Aqueous, and UV Curable print quality optimization
RIP installation, calibration and profiling using advanced methodology developed in-house
Advanced media optimization with Epson Solvent and HP Latex printers
Exceptional, shop-wide color management and workflow integration
Print quality auditing with sharpening and grain technique training
Alt-process negative generation and calibration with profiles

for photographers
exceptional, enterprise-level color management integration
complete, one-on-one capture to print training
digital workflow audits, recommendations and optimization
portfolio review and critique
week-long photography workshops in the field

for hardware/software developers
pre-release product testing and feedback
product content suggestions
workshop and seminar presentations for employees and customers

for media developers
new product development
pre-release product testing and feedback
print quality optimization – RIP calibration and profiling
onsite color science training for employees
onsite vendor media conversion services and training

some of the places traveled in the US recently to provide one-on-one training:
(locations in Europe, Mexico, Canada and Australia not shown)
places traveled to for training

Onsight is very conversant with and provides onsite training and calibration for products made by:
Breathing Color, Caldera, Canon, Durst, Epson, Hasselblad, HP, Mimachi, Mutoh, Nikon, Noritsu, Onyx, Phase One, Roland, Scitex, Seiko, Surecolor, VuTek, Wasatch, Xerox, X-Rite.

exceptional color management techniques and expertise
Onsight uses some unconventional profiling techniques that creates ICC profiles that are better than our competitors. We use professional grade equipment, cutting edge software and methodology. Our techniques allow us to profile 16 bit capable printers at their full bit depth using 16 bit targets and processing. We’ve also developed advanced methodology for systematically determining optimal ink limiting and linearization for dye sublimation, solvent, latex and UV pritners through any RIP. We have close relationships with printer and media manufacturers and have consistently proven that we can provide superior solutions for their most demanding customers. We know that there are lots of people making profiles these days. Our focus is to only work with those clients that need exceptionally deep understanding and capabilities.

no product sales
We believe that product sales are a conflict of interest with high-end consulting and training and therefore don’t sell any hardware or software products. We want our clients to know that when we recommend something, it is because we know it to be the best solution based on experience without a sales bias. We would like to think that this stance, along with our extensive experience in the field puts us in a fairly unique position to provide exceptional advice, service and training.