“Scott Martin is the consumate professional when it comes to photography, color management, workshops and all things color. Scott speaks with knowledge, intergrity, a sincere desire to be of service and without bias or conflicts of interest.”
Louis Dina
Dina Graphics

“Scott has done some amazing work in the photographic community.  He’s very talented, always goes that extra mile, and has an easy going nature – a rare find in this business.”
Paul Schmidt

“Scott is an amazing poet of night time photography, a crackerjack printer and color management expert, instructor and photographer – he’s a rare bird that flies high.”
Ellis Vener
Ellis Vener Photography

“Scott could, in fact, be one of the best instructors on the planet.”
Russell Brown
Adobe Systems

“You have changed my life by the way! You are soooo good at what you do!”
Katy Roth
Professional Photographer

“Thank you sooo very much for everything, Scott. You made a very trying situation not bad at all, with your patience and expertise. You are a blessing, not only because of your knowledge and work demeanor but also, you’re just such a nice guy and I always enjoy your company.”
Gay Woodward
Professional Photographer

“I wanted to let you and Russell know just how much your Photoshop World session on night photography meant to me personally. Your session was the single most compelling reason I made the treck to Vegas. Your calm, easy and approachable (and humorously high energy-infused) manner of explaining specific techniques necessary to create successful night photography makes the information so much easier to understand. I recently began experimenting on my own, with rookie-level, but still inspiring results. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into the process and begin posting night-time photography that has a possibility of “making the cut”, whatever that may mean. Thanks again for your inspiration, and I hope to see you both at future shows.”
Chris H. Palmer
Photographer at the Photoshop World Conference

“I want to thank you for the many things you brought to us, big and small. Your skills and mastery are wonderful.”
Dennis Fagan
Professional Photographer

“It is one thing to be an excellent color specialist but being an excellent teacher of color is something completely different. It is very rare to find these two skills in one person. I have worked with Scott on many occasions over the years and I can say, from experience, that his eye for color and his training skills are unsurpassed.”
Darren Abate
Professional Photographer

“I have all the color management books and have seen all the authors speak but your presentation was the best presented, the most informative and the most enjoyable. I learned more today then I have ever learned before – thanks for putting together a presentation that spoke to our needs so incredibly well.”
Photographer at the Express Digital User Conference

“Working with you is like being a kid in a candy store with a limited amount of time to absorb as much as possible. You are a terrific teacher!”
Tami Bone

“Scott provides us with precise, to the point training at a level even the laymen could understand and use. His expertise and skill are superb and a big thumbs up from us across the pond.”
Jason Roberts
Photo Corporation (UK)

“Many thanks for your help this year in helping me transition towards digital – you were really a lifesaver at the steepest point in my digital learning curve!”
Lané Pittard
Professional Photographer

“Working with you was one of the most satisfying experiences I’ve had in my entire life”
Steve Leonardi
Artist and Printmaker, Wildlife Graphics

“The Moab Safari was the best combination photo shoot/workshop that I have ever attended. All of [the participants] were an excellent source of great photos and added immensely to the enjoyment of the experience. Your team could not have been better!”
Bob Turner
Fine Art Photographer

“I just returned from [a festival in Santa Fe]. Great people but none of the instructors (except JPC) were 1/10th as good as you. It proved to me once again that just because a person is an expert in something doesn’t mean for one second that they can teach it. You are a natural teacher and that is a real blessing. If I had tried to figure out on my own all that you taught me it would have been a cold and cruel death.”
Deana Newcomb
Professional Photographer

“You are completely wonderful.”
Wendy Watriss
Founder, FotoFest